doug bauer

Painting allows me to move into a world beyond words. 

The world within and around me is revealed through the exploration of colors, textures and shapes. As I paint, I respond and react to each stroke placed on the canvas, guided by my instinct and intuition.


It is my hope that the viewer can find their own pathway and connection into the world created on the canvas. 


Solo Exhibitions

Performing Arts Center - Tulsa, OK

Framemaker Gallery - Tulsa, OK

Sisneros Fine Art - Tulsa, OK

Wild Fork Restaurant - Tulsa, OK

Chrysalis - Tulsa, OK

Girouard Vines - Tulsa, OK

IQ - Tulsa, OK

Group Exhibitions

Philbrook Museum of Art - Tulsa, OK

Houshang's Gallery - Santa Fe, NM

Mainsite Contemporary Art - Norman, OK

Pierson Gallery - Tulsa, OK

Mayfest Invitational Gallery - Tulsa, OK

DDP Gallery - Fayetteville, AR

Invited Artist Gallery - OKC, OK

Tulsa Artists Coalition - Tulsa, OK

Living Arts - Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition - OKC, OK

Floating World Gallery - Tulsa, OK

Savage Gallery - Tulsa, OK

Pearl Gallery - Tulsa, OK

Claussen Studios and Gallery - Tulsa, OK